The Hot Chick
Grade: D
Year: 2002
Director: Tom Brady
Writer: Tom Brady
Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG-13

"The Hot Chick" is the next in live on the long list of horrible Rob Schneider movies. He has done just about everything in terms of acting roles. But he has never played a normal human being. He came close in Tom Brady's "The Hot Chick."

Jessica Spencer (Rachel McAdams) is the high school girl that everyone likes, but is really that girl that everyone hates. She's popular, and puts prom and cheerleading before the emotions and feelings of humans. She is the leader of a four girl gang, one of them being the only likable character in the movie. April (Anna Faris) is Jessica's best friend, and will have to help Jessica overcome her hairy situation. I apologize for the pun. Anna Faris is the star of the "Scary Movie" movies, and somewhat shines in comparison to the rest of characters in the personality freak show.

One day, Jessica goes too far, making fun of a classmate as she normally does without a care in the world. That classmate eventually puts a curse on her that turns her into--yeah you guessed it; Rob Schneider.

"The Hot Chick" is not funny. It's one big stereotype, which proves how desperate and far the writers went to generate cheap laughs. I admit, I laughed a few times. Both those laughs came at times that were so stupid, that I couldn't help it. This movie is horrible. If you've seen the movie trailer, then you've seen the movie. If you didn't laugh after watching the trailer, be prepared for the two hour version.

When Jessica first wakes up the morning that she is turned into a man, it takes her a long time to realize it. She has to get out of bed, walk across the room, and sit on the can before finally realizing that she is a he. Now if you one day woke up realizing that you transformed into the opposite sex, I'm sure you'd be devastated. It only took Jessica two days before putting it behind her. But I won't even begin to get into the acting, I just wanted a decent comedy to make me laugh. Expecting quality acting would have been like asking for snow in July in my Florida hometown.

There is a scene (also in the trailer, of course) where Rob Schneider is rolling down a flight of bleacher seats. Maybe I was subconsciously laughing at the pain Schneider's character was going through, but that was one of the few funny scenes. The result came from a pepper-spraying attack. April, before knowing that Schneider is really her best friend Jessica, fumbles through a key chain that has every $1.00 novelty fuzzy on the market attached to it, before finally administering a painful dose of liquid pepper.

The plot is horrible, but the sub-plots are infinitely worse. In order to go to school, Jessica (Schneider) gets a job as the school janitor. In order to go back home, she gets a job as the family garden caretaker. For some reason, Jessica throws a Mexican accent and the family buys it.

Jessica eventually accepts the role of having to play a man, but wears women's clothing and acts femininely as possible. As the school janitor, she wears a pink bandana, but nobody takes a second look, maybe because a male wearing pink isn't that abnormal in the town where this movie takes place.

Adam Sandler has a cameo appearance. He plays a hippy who works at an African collectable shop in the mall, and always tells his customers where they can store their weed. Oddly enough, his character is one of the more normal ones. One Jessica's friends is a black girl who has a Vietnamese mother. The crazy mom who continually comes in and out of random scenes contributes to some of the humor that may have forced me to crack a smile at best.

Now get ready for this one. Jessica has until the full moon to break the curse. It all started when she put on an earring that was once owned by an Egyptian Queen 500 B.C. Yes, the curse from her classmate had something to do with it, but the fine details are never explained. And I bet you never thought you could get worse than "The Animal," but this easily takes the cake. If you didn't like Schneider's previous movies, then you definitely want to stay away from this one.

I don't have to write anymore to convince you that this is another one of Schneider's horrible movies. Could they have made this funny? Quite easily. But the makers of this movie seem believe that there is more comedy in bathroom humor than in quality writing. But to actually write original material would have taken a little effort.

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