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Recent Reviews

The Fog D-
No matter how loud you crank the speakers, no matter how many times you show breaking glass, the end product of whatever you're trying to display cannot be scarier than very loud breaking glass.

Flightplan B+

The year 2005 has been a great one for terror at 40,000 feet. While the crown thus far belongs to Wes Craven's surprisingly enjoyable Red Eye, Robert Schwentke's "Flightplan" maintains the same level of absurdity and is a lot of fun to watch when you don't take it too seriously.

Cry_Wolf D+

Everyone knows of the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." After repeated false alarms the villagers stopped listening to the boy because he was routinely deceiving them. They were tired of being pulled by a string and led to nothing. That's exactly how "Cry_Wolf" plays out, a 90-minute false alarm.

Top 10

1. Crash
2. Sin City
3. War of the Worlds
4. Red Eye
5. The Island
6. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
7. Batman Begins
8. Cinderella Man
9. The Jacket
10. The Interpreter

This Year's Grading Breakdown

A 03
A- 05
B+ 04
B 09
B- 05
C+ 04
C 05
C- 04
D+ 04
D 02
D- 03
F 01

2005 Reviews

Alone in the Dark D-

Amityville Horror, The C

Assault on Precinct 13 B

Batman Begins A-

Be Cool C

Beauty Shop B-

Boogeyman F

Cinderella Man A-

Coach Carter B

Crash A

Cry_Wolf D+

Cursed D

Constantine B

Dark Water B

Devil's Rejects, The C+

Dirty Deeds D-

Elektra D+

Fantastic Four D+

Fever Pitch C

Flightplan B+

Fog, The D-

40-Year-Old Virgin, The A-

Going the Distance D

Guess Who B-

Haute Tension/High Tension C+

Hide and Seek C-

Hitch B-

Hostage B

House of Wax C-

Interpreter, The B+

Island, The A-

Jacket, The B+

Kingdom of Heaven B-

Kung Fu Hustle B

Land of the Dead B

Lot Like Love, A D+

Man of the House C+

Red Eye A-

Ring Two, The C+

Sahara B

Sin City A

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith B+

Stealth C

Transporter 2 C

Unleashed B+

Venom C-

War of the Worlds A

Wedding Crashers B

White Noise C-

XXX: State of the Union C

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