Halloween: Resurrection
Grade: D+
Year: 2002
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Writer: Debra Hill
Genre: Horror
Rated: R

Now up to the 8th installment, the Halloween series is trying to catch up to the 10 movies of the Friday the 13th series. In both Jason X and Halloween Resurrection, their trademark theme song paced the soundtrack but that is the only thing really worth liking about them.

Bold enough to cast Busta Rhymes as the star who works alongside Tyra Banks, Resurrection continues the story of mass murderer Michael Myers and his sister, Laurie Strode played by the famous Jamie Lee Curtis three years after the last movie, H20.

Laurie has been placed in a mental institution after what happened in H20. If youíve followed the series, youíll learn why she has become unstable. Rather than come up with a clever way to show the audience the purpose of yet another sequel, writer Larry Brand just has one of the orderlies in the hospital explain everything you need to know to get updated. After hearing the nurseís explanation you learn that Myers isnít dead like everyone thought, and has decided to pay his sister one last visit. The scene between the two was the highlight of movie, too bad it happened within the first fifteen minutes.

Freddie Harris (Rimes) is the founder and president of Dangertainment, and has big plans for his latest project. With his technical coordinator Nora, (Banks) Harris has selected six college students to spend one night in the house where Michael Myers grew up and started his killing spree. I guess how Dangertainment had access to Myerís house wasnít a question in the movie because it never got answered. Harris somehow had the key and became the owner, but Michael didnít like that idea.

The house is staged with cameras everywhere including on the six potential victims who are supposed to rummage around the house looking for clues as to why he became a serial killer. The cast in this movie is just your typical breed of horny college students that think theyíre funny by pretending to be Myers for a cheap laugh. Their adventure is broadcasted live via the internet so the whole world can follow along our team of stupid explorers.

Much of Resurrection was shot Blair Witch Style, where you see through the bouncing cameras attached to the running victims. It got extremely annoying when I wanted to see Myers from a certain angle but was forced to watch his attack upside down when a camera was knocked to the ground and inverted.

Resurrection quickly turned into a bloodbath as the helpless bunch fell prey to Myerís knife; each death scene slightly different from the one that happened a few minutes before. The first half of Resurrection was actually decent. But that is where it began to turn awful. Sara Moyer (Bianca Kajlich) had made a friend via the internet named Dekkard who has helped her with internet problems while in school. Dekkard has not even met Sara but of course fell in love with his only female friend. Dekkard has been watching the broadcast while at a Halloween party and begins to notice all the people dying on camera. A crowd of costumed people are eventually drawn into the room to watch what they believe is a staged act and cheer gleefully as the dying group of students put on a show for them. In order to get away from Myers, Sara uses her PDA, thatís right, her PDA, to communicate with Dekkard who tells her what part of the house Myers is in so she knows where to run. Isnít technology great?

Will there be a Halloween 9? It depends on how you determine the very last sequence. Whether Michael Myers was finally killed or not wonít stop the producers from milking another one, heck Iíll see it.

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