Only Liberals Can Tell Jokes
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
February 03, 2006

I guess if you're Ann Coulter, spelling out for the press that your last comment at a speech was intended to be a joke still isn't good enough. That Ann Coulter is conservative and likes to make audiences laugh doesn't bode well for the liberal hysterics who believe comedy is off limits to everyone except Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.

A joke itself is unsettling to liberals, but when one is about a precious icon of theirs it's just downright egregious. Take Cindy Sheehan for example. Anyone who dare challenges the radical anti-war activist is labeled insensitive for not respecting her fallen son. Yet the woman embraces Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez and routinely commends him for his opposition to the United States. Lest one is confused about the merits of Hugo Chavez, criticism of his government is guaranteed jail time. But at least he's better than Bush! Hypocrisy has never been so apparent since Eminem whined about being parodied by Weird Al Yankovic.

Speaking of Bush, for I must inquire, what's with all the Hitler references liberals make at every event he attends? Is the mustache drawn over his face supposed to be cute? I know not everyone likes the guy or cares for his administration, but the last time I checked he didn't oversee the murder of six millions Jews.

While Sheehan and anti-Bush activists are put on pedestals for the Left to adore, conservative pundit Ann Coulter is loathed beyond all rationality. And it's no wonder considering everything she says is taken to the literal extreme. Hey, did you hear she once wrote that Timmy McVeigh should have bombed the NY Times building instead?!

Her latest controversy took place at one of Coulter's notorious speaking engagements, were she joked -- that is, not meant to be taken seriously -- Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned so President Bush can nominate a third Supreme Court justice. She then immediately followed her joke with an exclaimer to the media that what she had just said was in fact nothing more than a joke, and should only be taken as a joke.

To the liberal media's credit, for awhile the joke was reported as a joke. Of course we knew the courtesy wouldn't last forever. Now just google her name and misleading articles and press releases like this one come up as search hits:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) condemns Ann Coulter's customary hate speech, exemplified most recently by her desire that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens be poisoned.
I wonder if any black family that ever went outside to see a burning cross on their lawn would equate the two examples "hate speech" examples. And where the word "desire" in the paragraph was inspired from is beyond me, because Coulter has never once expressed a desire to see Justice Stevens poisoned.

She did joke about it though!

And while the Left viciously attacks Coulter -- whom I remind you never once left the country to criticize it -- they embrace radicals like Sheehan who agreed with activist Harry Belafonte when he called Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world," saying: "I agree with him. George Bush is responsible for killing tens of thousands of innocent people."

So who exactly is responsible for all this hate speech going around - the woman who cracked a joke at a speech, or the woman who recently embraced a man who called the United States an "evil empire," proudly stating: "I admire him (Chavez) for his resolve against my government and its meddling."?

Or how about the man who called Bush a terrorist?

Oh, but it's Coulter of course. Meanwhile, another liberal darling, Professor Ward Churchill, saw no uproar from his liberal followers when he got into trouble for blaming the September 11 attacks on -- yeah, you guessed it -- America.

And his comments were never meant to be jokes. Cindy Sheehan doesn't make jokes. Ann Coulter makes jokes, but is ultimately the bad guy in the eyes of the irrational Left. The Arkansas Daily Blog is on a mission:

We've mentioned the national effort to get Arkansas officials to take action against Ann Coulter for joking at Philander Smith that she'd like to see someone poison U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
And where was that call to action when Air America talk-show host Randi Rhodes joked that President Bush should be assassinated? Oh, I get it, only liberals are allowed to tell jokes.

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