Book Review: The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
By Scott Editor | More Book Reviews
June 10, 2005

The current political climate isn't ripe for liberals. Democrats are having a hard time picking up ground in elections and public opinion seems to be at odds with their champion issues. With lots of money on their side you'd think they would be able to compete with the Republicans who ever increasing their power with every midterm election.

The liberal activists had organized historic numbers of people, raised historic amounts of money, even made historically profitable documentaries in the drive to defeat George W. Bush. And yet they failed. Why?

The simplest reason is that they just did not represent the "real majority" of Americans, despite their deeply held belief that they did.

Byron York, National Review's White House correspondent and contributor to several publications strips down the not-so-well oiled machine that masks the vast left wing conspiracy. But is there such a phenomenon?

Like Brian Anderson's South Park Conservatives, York's book details the recent success of conservatives but spends considerably more time on liberal icons like billionaire George Soros and Air America radio.

Each chapter describes a liberal outfit, explains in detail how it set out to advance the cause of the Left, and how it ultimately failed. Soros, MoveOn, "Fahrenheit 9/11," Air America, Celebrity activists - all are mentioned as startups to breath life into the Democratic party. But they are dealt with so breezily by York that I often wondered while turning the pages if it was necessary that I read about this.

I don't want the Left to come into power or gain anymore than what it has now, but apparently they're no good at getting the public to go along. York fails to make a convincing case to be concerned about the liberals.

And yet he spends time debunking parts of "Fahrenheit 9/11," even more time debunking the hardly seen anti-Fox documentary "Outfoxed," and defends the Fox News Channel as if it needs the life support.

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