The Bitching of Barbara Boxer
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
June 06, 2005

This article was written live as Senator Barbara Boxer from California spoke before the Senate against the confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown on June 6, 2005.

On C-SPAN 2 just minutes ago Mrs. Boxer compared George Bush's appointment process to the attempted "court packing" of President Roosevelt. It's only been a few minutes since Boxer took the floor and already she's making obscure references to events that took place decades ago that have no relevance to the issue on the floor today: Janice Rogers Brown.

This is not surprising of course, considering the Democrats believe the term "checks and balances" refers to one branch checking itself. Naturally it's easy to see how a Democrat could compare the nomination President Bush's judicial appointments to FDR's attempt at increasing the size of the Supreme Court to become more compatible with his progressive programs.

Such a comparison is something Barbara Boxer would do. She needs to talk about something, and rhetoric is the only thing she can resort to because speaking the truth would mean saying something other than Brown is "out of the mainstream."

"So far out of the mainstream," Boxer told the floor. "Way out of the mainstream to the EXtream (her emphasis)" she decried giving liberals an idea for a new bumper sticker.

S what makes Janice Rogers Brown "so far out of the mainstream?" Hard to tell because Boxer refuses to go into the specifics. She and her Democratic allies use the exact tactics I described in my column, Extreme Ultra Idiocy, tactics so utterly predictable it's pathetic.

Completely wasting time, Boxer read off a list of the groups opposing the nomination of Janice Rogers Brown. "That's a long list," she said after reading the names of the organizations as if she just completed an arduous chore.

One watching might have observed that Boxer left out the KKK and Aryan Nations as additional groups that oppose Brown's nomination.

But let's not bring race into this. No one wants to talk about race, unless you’re a Democrat who can't comprehend a black conservative being black. So let's at least talk about something then! Again, as I type this, Boxer just called Brown "out of the mainstream."

And once more again, two minutes after I just completed the last paragraph Boxer called Brown "out of the mainstream," apparently not realizing we heard her the first 200 times.

"She supports a rapist," a shocked Boxer just screamed at the Senate, reading a blip from a court opinion, taking it out of context as she always does - unwilling to get into the specifics because she doesn't want to give anyone the chance to realize that sometimes alleged rape victims encourage such behavior.

Then Boxer got hysterical, saying the minority party should have influence in the political process, and that they play a part in the "advice and consent" process even though Republicans don't want them to. Bush wants "100 percent and nothing less."

Maybe someone should tell Mrs. Boxer that if Americans actually wanted Democrats playing a significant part in the political process then they'd vote for them once and awhile.

The majority of Boxer's rant against Brown is that she is often a lone dissenter in court cases. She listed a few, without going into the specifics of those cases, but of course failed to mention her 2002 opinion as the lone dissenter in a case about the upholding of a drug conviction of a black man stopped for riding his bicycle the wrong way on a one-way street. In that case, police searched the suspect and found methamphetamine that led to his conviction and a three years prison sentence. Brown equated the case to racial profiling and felt he was wrongly convicted.

Yet ranting lunatics like Boxer can't stop saying that Brown, "a woman of color…will turn back the clock."

On that bit of eloquence Boxer had nothing more to say, even though she never said anything to begin with. Her attack on Brown was the typical tactic of the mudslinging Democrats who are forced to use it because they can't come up with substantial facts against Brown.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama followed Boxer and gave a great defense of the nominee - actually speaking on the merits of Brown while at the same time dismissing the bogus "out of the mainstream" claims Democrats love to make.

Whether you like it or not, Janice Rogers Brown is up for a cloture vote tomorrow. If Democrats hold to their end of the bargain then this terrible ordeal going on in the bottlenecked Senate will cease, and Judge Brown will see her day on the federal bench.

Want to debate this issue and make your own aggressive voice heard? Head over to my blog, Aggressive-Voice Daily, and join in on the discussion.

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