Extreme Ultra Idiocy
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
June 03, 2005

Liberals have an assortment of great reasons for opposing President Bush's judicial nominees. In a thorough, articulate and detailed manner, Democrats have constructed a strong scientific case by…name-calling. With a limited dictionary in hand the verdict is out:

They're ultra.

They're radical.

They're extreme.

They're right-wing.

They're too conservative.

They're out of the mainstream.

There is not a single liberal blog or newspaper editorial that can say anything about Bush's nominees other than they're too ultra, radical, right-wing, extreme, out of the mainstream or too conservative.

Because of the Senate "compromise," (insert adjectives here) Judge Priscilla Owen has been pulled out of the quicksand. Up next for confirmation is Janice Rogers Brown - who should get a guaranteed vote if Democrats hold up their end of the filibuster bargain. Like Owen, liberals have called Brown ultra, radical, extreme, right-wing, too conservative and out of the mainstream.

In the most bipartisan effort currently published describing Brown, the Associated Press says she's an outspoken Christian conservative from the segregated South. She supports limits on abortion rights and corporate liability, routinely upholds the death penalty and opposes affirmative action.

Oh, so that's why liberals say she's ultra, radical, right-wing, extreme, too conservative and out of the mainstream. It's true because apparently most of Americans are out of the mainstream too. Most Americans support the death penalty, are against affirmative action and against partial-birth (sorry, I mean "late term") abortion by an overwhelming percentage.

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, another liberal group in need of a thesaurus, calls Brown a "radical judge."

A Louisiana Weekly editorial calls her among the other negotiated nominees the "most extreme."

Not one of these critics can give an explanation as to how Brown fits all these adjectives. Because she supports restrictions on abortion? Supports the death penalty? Opposes affirmative action?

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts Edward Kennedy came close with this alarming description of Brown: "She has criticized the New Deal, which gave us Social Security, the minimum wage, and fair labor laws." Oh the horror! The horror! She opposes the minimum wage! That must make her ultra, radical, right-wing, extreme, too conservative and out of the mainstream!

Scores of liberals have said Brown will "turn back the clock on civil rights," referring to her dissent in a First Amendment case. Being the radical, right-wing, extreme, too conservative, ultra, and out of the mainstream judge that she is - Brown supports the First Amendment.

On Aguilar v. Avis:

In America, Clarence Brandenburg can attend a Ku Klux Klan rally, stand near a large burning cross wearing a hood, and give a speech saying, "Personally, I believe the nigger should be returned to Africa, the Jew returned to Israel." In America, Nazis can march through the streets of the predominately Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois, wearing uniforms and displaying swastikas. In each instance, racist and discriminatory views are being expressed. Nevertheless, these expressions are protected by the First Amendment to the federal Constitution and by our state Constitution. We as a nation so value the free exchange of ideas that we are willing to tolerate even offensive ideas, knowing that "one man's vulgarity is another's lyric" and today's heretical idea may become tomorrow's gospel.
This was her response to a case about a employer who was being tried in court for making a derogatory comment to a Hispanic employee. Apparently liberals have forgotten -- while calling President Bush a Nazi -- that unpopular speech is protected by the First Amendment.

A Google search for Janice Rogers Brown pulls up an interesting article -- among others -- from the sophisticated publication called Black News Weekly, which printed this lovely excerpt:

Stupid Bush and the republicans are good at playing Blacks in this country against each other. They play the race card when trying to get these no-good niggers appointed to jobs like saying Janice Rogers Brown is Black sharecropper's daughter. This bitch does not represent anything Black…
I guess if being Black means to stand for partial-birth abortion on demand and suppression of free speech, then the bigot who wrote this article has a good point. Silly us for thinking that there might be a negro in the masses who doesn't kiss the collective asses of the Democratic Party.

And shame on her supporters for mentioning that Brown is the daughter of a sharecropper. Such a figure is the poster child for the Democratic Party, the group that champions reverse discrimination by patronizing a class of people they believe can only achieve when given an unfair advantage over everyone else in getting into college and landing a job.

Yes, somehow this black woman who lost her way believes everyone should be treated equally. I can only imagine how liberals must have flipped out when in 2000 she struck down a San Jose city ordinance requiring government contractors to solicit bids from companies owned by women and minorities. But women and minorities need government assistance. No way could a black business owner keep up with the superior white class.

But somehow in the smoke and fog of Brown's slaughtering of civil rights, her liberal critics missed her 2002 opinion as the lone dissenter in a case about the upholding of a drug conviction of a black man stopped for riding his bicycle the wrong way on a one-way street. Police searched the man and found methamphetamine that led to his conviction and a three years prison sentence. Brown equated the case to racial profiling. Wow, so Brown does have a sympathetic bone for her own inferior race, and doesn't mine being a "lone dissenter," a position she is routinely criticized for taking.

There is a silver lining to all this mess, however. If Democrats hold to their word, then Janice Rogers Brown will be confirmed, despite the Left's fervent efforts to suppress every black possible who doesn't drink the Kool-Aid.

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