Condoms for Preteens
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
May 12, 2005

We truly live in an insane world where progressives are doing their best to indoctrinate our youth with graphic sex and birth control education, because to them it is so important we teach them how to appropriately do what they're inevitably going to do. The younger the better. Faith in tomorrow's generation is lost.

Last week in Wausau, Wisconsin, representatives from the Aids Resource Center began distributing condoms to middle-schoolers to, get this, "teach about dangerous effects of using alcohol and drugs" as if they're so tightly related.

Anyone who actually supports handing out birth control to children as young as 11 is in dire need of therapy. We're not talking about parents encouraging their already sexually active children to use birth control, but strangers disguised as health officials taking advantage of impressionable children who aren't under the direct supervision of their parents during school hours. What these kids learn and are given between the time you drop them off and pick them up is truly disturbing, yet they're passing each grade level without any improvement of their reading scores.

Distributing condoms and birth control is a vehicle for young children who otherwise have nothing on their minds other than tree-climbing and street football, to experiment with those of the opposite sex whom at this stage in life are now becoming appealing and part of their lives.

I started dating early. I met my first girlfriend in the fifth grade (that's elementary school) and we dated early into middle school. Those short days were some of the best for me as an adolescent growing up in a world that at that time wasn't all about making sure every boy had a Trojan in his pocket before lunch.

Back then progressive indoctrination wasn't as strong as it is today. It wasn't a first priority to make sure kids knew everything about birth control because back then the parents were entrusted with raising their own children. I know, what a concept.

My parents were deeply involved in my life and while they gave me such freedoms as taking a girl to the movies or the mall they knew what was going on the entire time. Hers did too. We were innocent children who had the proper upbringing and didn't need strangers in white coats handing us birth control because it wasn't the job of the schools to teach us anything but math, reading science, and physical education…physical in that we were taught how to kick a giant rubber ball on a grassy field, not how to masturbate properly. Yes, children as young as nine years old are being taught how to masturbate - on your tax dollar.

We simply can't let kids be kids today. They are pressed and pampered through a failing system that is only getting worse as the years pass. What else explains why in many school districts teachers can no longer use the color red to grade papers? What else explains the new teaching methods discouraging homework, and lesson plans about homosexual tolerance before basic multiplication and division?

I didn't know what a homosexual was when I was five because such information was not necessary when the only thing I had to be concerned about was getting picked on the right team and receiving gold stars for good work in the classroom.

I knew that if I didn't do good I'd be told in writing with -- gasp -- red ink! And if I didn't improve my parents would be notified because like most parents they were always making sure I wasn't falling behind. The last thing I ever wanted was a parent-teacher conference.

Am I delusional for thinking parents should be the ones with control over what social practices their kids are being taught? Or are the liberals right in believing that the majority of parents are horrible at doing their jobs, which is why we need laws allowing minors to get abortions without parental consent?

Personally I have a little more faith in today's parents than most on the Left do. I realize that if a kid needs a condom or birth control pills at age 11 then there is something seriously wrong with the way they're being raised. Fortunately it's a small minority (about 10%), but you wouldn't know that listening to the progressive crowd that's constantly pushing for the mass distribution of birth control and sex-education literature as early as possible.

The more pictures the better. The more graphic the better. Demonstrations on how to properly wear a condom? Sure. Masturbation? Sure. In fact I'm sure liberal wouldn't mind classrooms created just for the purpose of sex education for preteens…just as long as the Ten Commandments aren't anywhere in sight. Such morality has no place in our public schools.

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