We Respect Free Speech, Just Not Ann Coulter's
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
May 07, 2005

The fallout over that idiot who was arrested for "asking a question" to Ann Coulter at her speech last Tuesday at the University of Texas has only proven her harsh criticisms of liberals to be true.

This past week the Left has been making a martyr out of Ajai Raj, screaming that his First Amendment rights were violated and that the Big Bad campus police roughed him up back to the days of the Civil Rights rebellion.

On Scarborough Country last Tuesday, Coulter was on fire - laughing at how liberals detest her to the bone for doing nothing but practicing free speech. Meanwhile, their darling Ward Churchill calls the 9/11 victims a bunch of "Little Eichmans" and they -- led by Bill Maher -- rush to his defense because his hateful rhetoric is free speech.

And Coulter, who calls liberals baby killers for supporting partial-birth abortion (meaning the baby is partially delivered before getting forked) is what - mean? Unfair? Not nice? So defend yourselves! But rather than make a cogent argument the liberals are busy throwing pies and making the masturbation gesture in front of audiences with children as young as twelve. Then when the police rightfully detain the pusillanimous morons for being a menace they have the nerve to say their free speech rights were violated and that the cop hurt them when he slapped their pie-throwing hands with double-locked cuffs.

It's easy to understand why liberals hate Ann Coulter. She calls them out for what they are and anticipates their every rebuttal. "Liberals don't care to debate," she wrote in a recent book, and sure enough she's met with pies and repugnant insults meant to be shocking and offensive. "Liberals are traitors," she wrote, because liberals support flag-burning and tirades made by America-hating professors like Ward Churchill, but they don't like conservatives who dare say things like affirmative action is discrimination on the basis of race; which, whether you agree with the policy or not - kind of is.

I used to be one of them: a Coulter-hater who couldn't stand her "hate" speech, and started Aggressive-Voice to refute her columns and books...until I saw firsthand how true she often is. In fact a majority of my readers are still liberals hung-over from my leftward days, and continually ask my via e-mail how I was able to change my political views.

Liberals just can't accept opinions different from their own. This Raj clown was angry that Ann Coulter doesn't approve of gay marriage because she supports the traditional definition of one man, one woman. Like she said last on Scarborough, "...we should not be overturning a 5,000-year-old institution like marriage on the whim of a few state court judges."

Somehow she and all the Republicans are anti-gay and bigots just because they wish against the state recognizing gay marriage.

Well guess what, it was your favorite president, Mr. Bill Clinton, who signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law, the first federal law to define marriage officially as a "union between one man and one woman."

So does this blanket definition of bigotry extend to Slick Willy? Is Mr. Clinton anti-gay for forcing homosexuals to hide their true identity while serving in the military under his "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy - a piece of legislation that is causing gays nothing but headaches?

Liberal readers of my blog, Aggressive-Voice Daily, have been rationalizing Mr. Clinton's opinion of gay marriage as "the best he could do at the time." Still, they beat around the bush unwilling to admit their big hero has the same opinion on the same issue that makes every Republican a gay-bashing bigot.

I'm no conservative. I don't have to defend Ann Coulter and I often disagree with her opinions (drug laws, war in Iraq, internet regulation) but I'll side with her any day over Ward Churchill, any day over the flag burners, any day over the America-haters, any day over the liberal celebrities who rush to Europe to tell them how much of a horrible country we are, and any day over those who despise the woman - all because she is bold enough to speak her mind in a way that's meant to be abrasive and brutal.

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