Abortion is Beautiful
By Scott Editor | Scott's Archive
February 13, 2005

As a result of the Academy Awards this year honoring Chris Rock as host of its annual awards show presentation, some of his controversial musings have come under fire and into the public spotlight. Many conservatives believe his line on abortion is disgusting and insensitive. Just as many says it's the waking truth and that his point had to be made whether or not it was just a satirical joke.

"Abortion, it's beautiful, it's beautiful abortion is legal. I love going to an abortion rally to pick up women, cause you know they are f*cking," he so blatantly pointed out on his "Never Scared" HBO standup special.

Men, understandably, will not just come out and say it, but the truth is that legalized abortion is the best thing to ever happened to sex. It's a free pass, the green light, idiot-proof, and a guarantee that you will never have to see that other person again.

Men can sleep with any woman who's willing to drop her pants while only being concerned about sexually transmitted diseases. It's worth the risk. If by small consequence a baby is created, the problem can be alleviated with $300 and by forking it until it dies. With fatherhood so clearly out of the question it's back to guilt-free, easy sex.

It's no wonder that the biggest supporters of abortion aren't women -- despite what the deceptive feminist agenda would have you believe -- but in fact, single males aged 18-24.

Hey, I'm a single male aged 18-34, and it makes perfect sense for me to support abortion. I can find any vulnerable, freshly liquored up girl at any college party and have my way with her. Women are just sex objects and ripe for the picking.

For guys like me sex is just an integral part of the college routine. Women are disposable and have become medals to display at the poker table or where guys can freely brag about their latest victory.

In just a few short years I've had countless opportunities -- more than I've ever deserved -- to see the unfamiliar sheets of a girl who's chances of finding a stable relationship are dwarfed by the much more prominent pastime of f*ck-and-duck. Multiple sex partners and one night stands are the norm whereas exclusive relationships are rare and uncommon.

As National Review's Dorinda Bordlee puts it: "…women have gotten the raw end of this deal. Roe has ruined romance. Every woman's deepest desire to love and be loved has been distorted into a license to use and be used. Women have paid with their bodies and their souls. Abandoned emotionally and financially by the men they loved, and moved by profound grief at the loss of their children, they stand in front of crowds with signs that say 'I regret my abortion.'"

Yeah, just ask Roe who regrets taking her case to the Supreme Court that opened up the slaughterhouses to 40,000,000 unborn children. Well at least they were never exposed to single-parent homes, poor neighborhoods and the harsh elements of life. They never needed a chance because a sterile scalpel was a quick fix to what could have been a major disaster…responsibility. In college, that ends at keeping up with a 12-credit hour schedule.

Sure, an aged 18-34 single male may sound noble and proudly forthright when he says abortion is a "woman's choice" and a decision for her to make, but if such an option were not available he'd have to think twice about jumping on anything with two legs and a skirt.

Yes, to single men aged 18-34 everywhere, to those with no need to respect a woman for who she is but rather what she puts out, and to those who can support a procedure they admit should be "safe, legal and rare," abortion truly is a beautiful thing.

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