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Scott's weekly column is now syndicated by Aggressive-Voice and available for distribution. If you have a website, home page, blog, ezine, journal or any other online publication, you can now display Aggressive-Voice commentary on your site free of charge.

Simply cut and paste the following code wherever you want the commentary to be displayed on your site:

The font size style and color of the content will match that of your page settings. You can change the font and style of the commentary by placing the appropriate tags before and after the script code. The content will automatically be updated whenever changes are made. There is no work involved on your behalf! Please let us know via e-mail if you plan on carrying our syndicated content so we can keep you updated or if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Here is the output of the above code. Notice how it fits in with the rest of the page, it will do the same for you unless you change it. Because the commentary is often lengthy, we suggest you provide the code with its own page.

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