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Scott Editor-in-Chief — Scott is the editor-in-chief of and is also a writer for various online websites, including the former editor of the RITRO.COM politics department. He was a staff writer for The Panther, a circulated newspaper in Florida. Scott plans on obtaining a law degree and is currently majoring in Criminology and Political Science at Florida State University.

Tommy Ates Writer — Tommy Ates is 27 year-old black male from Austin, Texas. He is a featured columnist who writes for several publications. Read his column, "Left is Right" every Thursday at He wants to help the underdog become the Top Dog.

Jeffrey R. Gebeau Writer — Jeffrey R. Gebeau is twenty-seven and presently lives in Kissimmee, FL. He teaches ninth and tenth grade World History and World History Honors at a local high school. Jeffrey has a degree in political science, and is from Reading, PA originally.

Scott Finnell Writer — Scott Finnell is a 24 year old writer out of North Carolina who calls himself a Kennedy Democrat, quickly adding that he means "Bobby, not Ted or Jack." When he's not working, he enjoys extreme sports "like whitewater rafting, mountaineering, and protesting corporate globalization." Other writing projects include fiction, a screenplay, poetry, and media reviews.

Aaron Biterman Writer — A 19-year-old college student and activist who is socially "more liberal than most Democrats" and fiscally "more conservative than most Republicans." Biterman is a member of the Libertarian Party His views get his main message across to his readers: Think outside the box. His favorite topics are the war on drugs, myths about third parties, and encouraging youth involvement in the political process.

Tony McWilliams Writer — Tony is a Postmodern Communitarian Libertarian, which differenciates him from other Libertarians in many ways. He is a daily columnist for, writes a biweekly column for The Common Conservative, and has done several Radio appearances. He has also been a Sr. Policy Analyst at the Global Freedom Institute. He is a research specialist in areas of foreign, military and domestic policy.

Regina Varolli Writer — Regina Varolli lives in the Washington DC area where she works as a freelance writer of political commentary as well as fiction. She has worked as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and has been involved in the non-profit community in Washington DC. Regina's academic background is in Philosophy.

Jay D. Rohman Writer — Jay D. Rohman is a 40 year old freelance writer from Nebraska. He is also a professional speaker and trainer/consultant for Strategic Edge Training, providing management and personal development programs for companies and individuals. He believes that sometimes the truth hurts but is necessary in order for humanity to get back on the right track.

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