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This is where you will find reviews of older movies, many of which have never been seen or reviewed by other internet movie critics. Many films you’ll find on this list only have one source for a review on IMDB.COM, and that would of course be us. But just because a film is unknown doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a review.

Many of the older movies I review are inspired after I first see it on FLIX channel. FLIX, a branch of Showtime, is a great channel for watching older movies. Most of them are classics; good and bad.

Recently Added

Run Lola Run B-
If you ever wanted to see a movie that lives up to its title, "Run Lola Run" is as direct and straight-forwarded as you could expect. It's about a girl named Lola who gets a random phone call from her boyfriend informing her that he has 20 minutes left to live. That is unless she could somehow get him 100,000 deutsche marks before an organized crime syndicate shows up expecting the money he accidentally lost on the subway.

Brimstone and Treacle C

Flirting A

Hotel New Hampshire, The D-

Father the Hero, My B+

Run Lola Run B-

Summer Lovers B-

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